We Went Crazy, Or How We Developed a Business Model in 24 Hours


An atmosphere the kind of which I have never experienced. Over 40 people working on a project for 24 hours straight. “Better done than perfect” was a sentence thrown around a lot that day, but a more accurate description would be “Better done and perfect.”

Although the Business team started out as a large group, due to the fact that the team members were delegated to other teams in the course of the 24 hours, in the end there were only 4 of the bravest ones left – Kiki, Dorijan, Pilić and myself. Our goal was to develop a business model, a sales strategy and everything else that goes along with it. The guys have done an amazing job, for several reasons. For most of them, it was the first time thinking in terms of business models, and it was the first time for all of us to be working continuously for so many hours.


I’m not saying that we haven’t had our situations, mostly revolving around Pilić, who was cracking us up constantly. From statements that he’s off to “treat himself to a round of the toilets” (after which he reemerged after 15 minutes), all the way to when I was playing folk music to keep the guys awake and Pilić knew all the lyrics to the most hard core songs by Šeki Turković. Believe me when I say that some situations are better left untold, the jokes are simply too private. :)

All these situations have helped us do a great job. The challenge was to come up with a business model and strategy which can be used from day one, which was not an easy feat. The direction we were determined to follow is the one where all users would have at least a part of the service’s functionality free of charge. Private users, experts who want to showcase themselves through the tool will have everything for free. Companies which wish to reach those experts will have a limited number of matches with experts for free, while further matches will be charged. The great value here is not in the basic business model, rather the whole strategy of market research for potential partners and developing additional business models based on the tool’s growing functionality. In the end, our location in a year will be the measure of our success – if we’re not sipping cocktails on a Hawaii beach, we haven’t done our job well enough. :)


In any case – it was one hell of a weekend! We’ve had everything: laughter, tears, tiredness, excitement, jumping around, hugging, cuddling, hard work and even harder play. We’ve come up with something incredible, while still managing to have a weekend better than any team building (and that’s saying something, taking into account that our HR ladies make the best team buildings ever!). Hivepeek is here, let’s see how far it will go! :)

Ivan Brozović



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