This is a story about great adventure – builiding a startup from a scratch in just one day

From idea to reality in 24 hours was a brave task that 46 daredevils assigned to themselves. A vision about an optimal companies and employees matching service that will cherish proficiency and work conditions every employee deserves as well as providing companies with the best human resource available on the market. That idea, a vision and mission was what keep us all up and running for 24 hours materialized through plenty of caffeine and loud music.

We didn’t know how to do it. We didn’t even know how represent this idea as a good one, but we felt it like one.

On Saturday at noon on the small hill in the centre of Zagreb, we embarked in our bold venture.
It began with taking photos, short brief and encouragement. Brainstorming about potential features our service should have to make it worthy for every user to use it was next our agenda. After short brainstorming, we were divided in teams and started to dedicate ourselves to the specific tasks our team leaders gave us.

Developers browsed the feature list and started to eliminate ones that were, well, a bit too optimistic. :D
Whole process was divided in 3 hour blocks, except the ones over night which were 2 hours long to ensure regular intake of coffee.

Plan of the project was set in logical order, unlike our decision to embark in this undertake:
1. Defining strategy – 2. Defining wireframes – 3. Content creation – 4. Design – 5. Development – LAUNCH

Even though all teams were racing to meet the set deadlines, we truly had fun all the way. People on caffeine frenzy buzzing around the offices in fastforward are really an image worth seeing.

Working with 40 people on one big idea is a great way to spend your weekend. It is even more fun when you want to finish it in 24 hours. And that is our goal, to change the world in one day and create a useful product that can bring companies and their future employees together and make the whole process much easier.


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