Startup in 24h takes the world

Inspiring curiosity is the name of the game, and pushing the boundaries out of our way of achieving the impossible!

Connected with a passion for pushing the limits, 80 Degordians will once again attempt to develop an entire project in just one day. After a quick meeting we went to our positions and started developing the masterplan for the next 24 hours in which we will prove that even the most complex projects are possible if you have a great team and a strnog will to to it!

Inspired by our last years “Start up in 24 hours” movement 14 enthusiasts from Bulgaria attempted to make their own record setting project – make a song, record videos, have a live performance and release a digital song in just 1440 minutes!


Our goal was to start a career of a young bulgarian artist that had never had a video or own a song”, they said. And they succeded! Everything went according the plan but three hours before the deadline they met with a huge problem. They added: “We had to send the final video to the biggest national television and it was at the middle of the rendering process.” But one hour after that they managed to present the video on Fresh radio and Bulgarian Television, so it all ended successfully.

We felt like we reached a maximum in our industry and needed a proof that we are still in a good shape”, they said. In this experiment they met interesting new people and, best of all, some of them became a part of their team.

We are really happy that someone was excited about the “Start up in 24 hours” movement the same as we were and even happier that our work inspired someone else’s. That’s why we’re even more eager to see this years project!

The teams are ready, tasks have been handed out and our goal is clear. Fueled by the power of our collective, we are ready to take on our only enemy – time!


The clock is ticking, wish us luck! )
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