Startup In 24h in startup community

Startup In 24h project has already been successfully tested and implemented, but it’s always interesting to hear what our friends and partners from the startup community think about the whole idea.

Startup community in Croatia has been getting pretty strong over the last couple of years, and the greatest thing about it is that all founders are willing to share their insights and thoughts. They visited us, and we couldn’t help but ask them what do they think about Startup In 24h.

Startup in 24h

Davor Debrecin of svinaweb goes straight to the point: ‘One of the largest problems you can run into when you’re building a startup is dragging it for a long time without seeing some benefits. That’s why organizing this kind of projects is excellent because you get the whole team in one spot and they’re focused on one thing only. That’s something you just can’t do while doing your regular agency tasks.’

A well known entrepreneur Hrvoje Prpić had a slightly different opinion on the matter: ‘Startup is a ten year project, and this is the first step. You need a lot of work and work and work to make it profitable.’, and our friend Mario Linke from Repsly had an interesting comment about the whole Startup: ‘ This is something that I never really tried, but my team and I are known for some extreme brainstorming sessions.’

Startup in 24h

As different their thoughts on the matter may be, they all agree that the most important thing to succeed is not the money or the idea, it’s the team that stands behind you and watches your back every step of the way.

‘People are definitely the most important factor in all of this, it’s not about the money or anything else.’ Nanobit’s founder Alan Sumina said in a heartbeat, and Davor added that the entire startup culture revolves around the team: ‘We’re all one big family.’

Startup in 24h

We gathered 80 passionate Degordians on our project that are willing to work as one to achieve their goals and write a new page in the book of Analytics history, and if we are to believe what our startup colleagues said about the importance of the team, this project has a bright future.

Before leaving, Miro Hegedić from Lean Startup Croatia, finished with a powerful statement that proved to us that we are on the right track: ‘It is important to spread the story of this kind of projects. We need to motivate the people and activate the entire community. After all, sometimes you only need one person to succeed.’

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