Startup in 24 hours is back—bigger and better than ever

We all have that idea that wanders around our head. You know, the one that solves that one pet peeve you have? Often, an idea ends up forgotten as there is so much going on in our daily lives. But what if you had the manpower and time to actually bring that idea to life?

This is exactly what Startup in 24 hours is for. We gathered a bunch of enthusiastic people to work on equally cool ideas for 24 hours straight.

We always have ideas, knowledge and motivation but we lack focus, time or resources. To bring our ideas to life, we have set some ground rules for everybody to follow:

  • Done is better than perfect

  • Please don’t go out the day before the event

  • No alcohol during the event (only healthy stuff)

  • No sleep – let’s encourage each other to get as much work as possible (if you can’t carry on, get some sleep and carry on)

  • No such thing as a mistake, fail faster and move on

  • Your team choice and every other decision is final

  • Team leader has the final say

  • Time is divided into 9 slots – every slot needs to have an output (even if it’s not perfect)

  • 24 hours later we need to be done, proud and happy

We are building Startup in 24 hours as a brand so that we can share the spirit of idea of innovation startup in general and encourage other companies to create interesting products. In other words, we want everybody to create cool stuff in just 24 hours!

And nope, this is not the first time we’ve gone crazy and decided to spend the weekend working for free – it’s actually the third time. :D At our first startup we were working on Hivepeek – an app that connects employers and employees in a simple way for a happier workplace, the second time around made Octalytics, a tool that measures offline conversions with online marketing efforts. Finally, this time around we’re making not one, but three new products in just 24 hours.

There are three teams working on the ideas – EasyVizzy, Ooozmi and Bookalicious.


EasyVizzy is a tool made to simplify the creation of visuals for social media networks and advertising. Aimed at everybody who deals with promotion of brands via digital channels, this tool helps to speed up this process and lets you focus more on creativity.

Team Grey


oozmi was born from the need to find apartments which are already rented. This works via platform which will enable you to permanently swap your apartment with someone who might be interested in yours. This way both of you can find what you’re looking for without the need for scrolling through the endless apartment lists.Team Red


In our company education is a very important part of the culture. This is why we have a library with a lot of books to educate ourselves. It became kinda hard to track all of those books so the app (with a peculiar personality) is going to simplify the process of borrowing and returning them. The best part – you’ll always know where the particular book is.

Team Blue

To be honest, this was very exhausting experience, but after all, we learned a lot, connected with our teammates, and shipped 3 awesome products.

Was it worth it?


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