Start of a startup

We here at iSTUDIO like to take on new challenges. This time we conjured up an exciting one.

We´ll be racing against the clock and building a new project depending solely on teamwork, our skills and coffee. It´s all taking place on Saturday, November 9th.

Why are we doing this, you ask. Except for the adrenaline rush, of course.

What we´re doing is starting an initiative called Startup in 24hours whose goal is sparking innovation and teamwork. We´re hoping to provide a concept for anybody and everybody who has an idea and wants to turn it into a marketable product and also give himself and his teammates a prideful sense of accomplishment. Not only to give a push and our support, but a functioning workframe which if followed, can turn over results.

Our first Startup in 24hours project is engineering a project whose goal is to revolutionize job and employee search. Our idea is to provide everybody with a possibility to choose a company they would like to work for as well as a chance for the company to choose it´s employees.

Watch how it all plays out and share your thoughts with us via Facebook or Twitter and check out our fierce teaser video.

Get ready for a business climate change from iSTUDIO on Vimeo.

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