One idea united 46 enthusiasts to create product in 24 hours

24 hour startup in numbers:

  • 1104 hours spent
  • 160 cups of coffee drank
  • 60 Red Bulls
  • 46 enthusiasts
  • 8 teams
  • 5 videos
  • 1 idea


We’ve had an idea for a while, but we know very well that the idea alone is not worth much, so we were looking at the ways to execute it. As Degordian (at the time iSTUDIO) has grown our goal was to stay focused at tasks, our clients and our existing products, so there was no way to make this project become reality during the week. It would have taken us around 3-5 months to plan and develop the whole project from a scratch, and as we didn’t have time, we had to find it somewhere and make the whole process faster. Much faster.

We have decided to invite everyone from Degordian (at the time iSTUDIO) to come over during the weekend and try to make impossible happen. Our input was only an idea – a web service that would allow people to choose where they wish to work and for potential employers to select their most desired hires. Only if there was a match between the two, they would get notified. Instead of “simply” developing a product, we have decided to take a much bigger bite, and develop the whole project.
In 24 hours we have picked the name (Hivepeek), created a visual identity, marketing and communications strategy, whole lot of research, content for newsletters, ads and blog, business plan with future monetization models, etc. Other teams worked on the tool starting from wire frames through an MVP to a finished product. Each and every one of us gave their best and we were all very proud with the output. It took us some time to test the tool, and we were finally ready for a launch.

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