[HOW WE DID IT] Marketing team´s close finish


How are we ever going to put together a marketing strategy and come up with a brand name in only 3 hours? The heck with self doubt, we´re going to do it!

This was my first reaction when I saw our time slot schedule. The first time slot is essential for the marketing team, as is for the other teams, because it is where we set the groundwork which all of us must follow.

There was practically no time for preparation, but the time slot was crucial for answering key questions regarding our brand. Answers to these questions would be pivotal in designing our marketing strategy and brand name. We will start from our brand´s vision and use it as a guideline for all other actions. Of course, one of the most important parts is being user oriented. We will answer questions like Who will be our users? What problem are we solving for them? Why will they come to us and not our competition?


It´s noon and it´s go time!
I´m very pleased with how quickly we are answering questions and building a strategy, but 2 hours later we only have an hour left for coming up with the brand´s name.

We start storming up some creative names and accordingly check every name´s domain availability. During this process, we decide not to associate the name with generic work related words because we want to move away from from typical solutions. We are so engaged in our work, we don´t even notice there´s only 5 minutes left and we still have not picked a name.. We have 4 available domain names. The team is opinionated and chaos arises. We have only a few minutes left to decide on a name or we fail ourselves and the other teams. However funny it may seem, it feels like this is the most important moment in our lives. We take a minute of silence so that everybody could determine which name he or she likes best and we take a vote. 90% of the team picked the same name. I am so proud!

Petra Žigić


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