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Connect offline sales to your online marketing efforts and improve your business.

The main goal of this year’s Startup In 24h event was to create a tool which would track online activities and connect them to offline sales. In that way, everything a potential customer does offline is connected with their online behaviour.

Our two main goals while developing our product are connecting your online efforts to offline sales and optimising your marketing investment.

Why is this important?

Well, everything you do online is aimed at your customers, and you want to know how your customers behave in an offline environment. You want to know if your customers were influenced by your Facebook ad or your web page and if that made them go to your store and buy your product offline.

Startup in 24h

How can it help your business?

The tool is mainly developed for medium and large businesses. It aggregates data that will empower you to make wiser decisions in order to optimise your marketing campaigns. Additional to that, the tool is easy to implement and you don’t have to be tech genius to use it.

Startup in 24h

It is said that connecting your customers offline activities to your online marketing efforts is complex. We’ll prove you wrong. :)

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