First music Startup In 24h in the world

14 enthusiasts from Bulgaria made а song, recorded videos, had a live performance and released a digital song, everything in a record time – 1440 minutes!

1440 Experiment

The biggest musical reality experiment in the world has been successfully completed with over 400 gigabytes of pictures, audio and video data. The team from the Bulgarian record label Select Music Media reached their goal and managed to launch the career of Krassimira Ivanova in only 1440 minutes.

The idea

One of the owners of Select Music Media, George Enchev, came up with this idea, inspired by the creators of the movement “Startup in 24 hours” in Croatia. He gathered fourteen young professionals who will be prove to be the first in the world who dared to meet this music industry challenge.

The idea

The process

The Bulgarian project titled “1440 Experiment” involved:

  • Creating a song – Music, arrangement, mastering

  • Producing content – Photo session, making a video, live performance

  • Media distribution – Digital publishing in over 243 countries and in nearly 160 digital stores

In the feverish atmosphere of uncertainty, fully confident Bulgarian enthusiasts went through exciting adventures to achieve their final goal.

The process

Few hours after the start of the project, the song was completed, so the crew of “1440 Experiment” presented it in front of an audience at Planet Club in Sofia, Bulgaria. The fun part was that none of the people who were there knew about it. Soon, social networks were updated on an hourly basis with information about the experiment, 12 videos and over 100 processed images.

New star is born!

The crew

With this project, the team of Select Music Media showed the world that anything is possible as long as there is a strong desire to do something accompanied with ambition to achieve set goals. Also, this great attempt was made in hope that it will trigger other adventurous teams worldwide to do the same – create something meaningful in just 24 hours.

Participants in the project:

  • Lyrics – George Enchev and Yonislav Yotov

  • Video making and creative – and Pavel Kolev and Luchezar Evtimov

  • Photographers – Ivailo Atanasov and Georgi Nedeltcheff

  • Graphic design – George Kolov

  • PR – Denitza Kundurdzhieva, sound design

  • Arrangement and mastering – Adrian Rachev, Nikolai Plachkov and Liuben Hristov

  • Makeup artist – Greta Stefanova, montage – Latcho Kostov

  • Singer – Krasimira Ivanova

  • Director – Andrey Hadjivasilev

  • Booking manager – Ivan Naumov

  • Model in video – rally racer Grigor Grigorov

The crew

The team was equipped with lots of Shark Energy Drink, outfits for the singer were provided by Pause Jeans, and the lighting and design happened with the help of Light Work Studio.

You can see the final outcome here:

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