[EXPLORING BY EXPLORERS TEAM] To excited to sleep!


Do you remember the feeling when you were kids and you were too excited to sleep or do anything the day before your birthday? Right that I felt all 24 hours during the project. You are not sure how it will look like or what will you get at the end, but you know it will be a great party for all.
I was the leader of Explorers team. Seven different people, among which there are some who have never worked together. Seven crazy creative heads with the same desire – to create something new and great, never seen. But maybe the most important thing – we were all interns in the team.

We started from scratch, right in 12:00 p.m. Our first task was to design the invite page for a new project. As I said, the whole team was composed of interns from different departments of which most of us had never met with such a project. But the same moment when we started I knew that there would be no problem. Our first task was over before the deadline. It’s amazing how every person who was part of this project has contributed his knowledge that together we get to the finish line. As an Interns Team Leader, I can say from the first hand that this was a unique experience for whole interns. At the same time we were learning and inspiring each other, creating something new and we showed how we have a good team no matter are we doing it for the first or 50th time in our life. I like this whole project to call as a mini team building. Frankly, this level of discipline, respect and teamwork I’ve never seen at any workspace.


Sufficient proof of how much we were excited and pumped up is that exactly at 20:00 p.m. 5 bottles of champagne was waiting for us to toast with our guests for the whole project and for launching invite page. What we unconsciously done? We pushed the ignore button to the whole event and diligently moved to our working chambers. Yes, 50 young people refused alcohol on Saturday night instead to work on something huge.

It was hard, but it is also an indescribable feeling when you go home after 24 hours with the fact that you made something different, big and unseen.
Would I do it again? Yes, definitely! When do we start? :)

Katarina Ribić






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