[DESIGN TEAM] How our vision got a visual


That Saturday has finally come. We´re really going to do it :)
We started working on this project and felt only positive energy, there was no room or cause for fear.
We started discussing ideas and put down the best ones. Next step was to assign tasks and I did that in a way that everybody´s top skills could be put to good use.

Given the 24 hours workframe, it would seem we would be pressed for time. Well, we are veterans of time management and virtually had no time issues because we are already used to delivering top notch products in a limited timeframe.
At moments, it was hard to identify with our mantra for the day “Better done than perfect”, because every pixel matters to us and we´re kind of perfectionists in that way. Better pixel perfect is what we would say :) We had to put our habits aside and just do the best and not look back.


All of the other teams made our job a lot less easier by providing us with a clear branding strategy and guidelines which we could work off really well.
After we got our project´s name and strategy, we decided to go for a straightforward style of communication in designing the visual identity of our brand. We designed our logo drawing inspiration from bees using a hive as their home as well as a workplace and continued to focus on that visualization in building the rest of our brand´s visuals.

Check out how our concept was born: Behance!

Hrvoje Grubišić


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